Tyres are important. Period. They are your vehicle’s only contact with the roads, providing the grip needed for braking and acceleration, needless to say, they affect your steering.

We advise that your tyres are checked annually. Ensure their thread depths are sufficient (the legal limit set by LTA is 1.6mm but we recommend a depth of at least 3mm) as this will help you avoid problems like blowouts, tyre noise, wheel vibrations, diminished vehicle performance and hydroplaning.

If you think it might be time for a new set of tyres, we can replace them for you from our extensive range of high quality tyres that will give your vehicle the needed traction to keep both you and your family safe on the road.


Front tyres of a vehicle wear out faster than the rear ones as they are responsible for the vehicle’s turning as well as to support the vehicle’s engine weight that is under the bonnet.

Rotating your tyres every 8,000-10,000km with us is a quick and hassle-free process that will allow your tyres to wear out evenly, translating to more mileage on the same set of tyres and substantial savings on maintenance costs.


Have you observed one of these three main signs of misaligned wheels?

  • – Your steering wheel is not centred even when you are driving on a flat, straight road
  • – You find that your vehicle has been pulling to one side
  • – You have noticed that certain tyres are wearing out substantially faster than the others?

If your answer is yes, simply head down to our garage where our technicians will conduct a quick check on your wheels and have them aligned for you if necessary.


Has your engine been cranking slower than usual or have you experienced difficulties starting your vehicle engine? It’s a high likelihood that your vehicle’s battery is about to reach the end of its life expectancy.

Save your future self a stressful morning by heading down to our garage right now and have your battery tested immediately.

But not all of us are fortunate to spot the early signs of a depleted battery. If your battery has died on you, simply ring us up and we will head down to provide you with a battery charge or a quick charge at reasonable costs.