It can be a stressful experience when your vehicle turns cranky. At Team Auto, we task ourselves to lift that burden off your shoulders.
Our stringent quality controls ensure that every vehicle that enters our garage undergoes a thorough 36-point diagnostic check to narrow down the specific areas that require work on.
As a client, you can expect full transparency of your vehicle’s diagnostic reports as well as regular updates on the solutions we plan on adopting.


Would you rather spend $500 now or $5,000 later?

It is always a wise decision to fix your vehicle’s mechanical issues when they arise. Delaying necessary repairs often results only in more costs down the road and even heightens the possibility your vehicle breaking down.

If you noticed any anomalies with your vehicle, why not let our veteran technicians have it checked for you? This way, we can resolve the issue and save you from any unpleasant surprises that your vehicle may give.


Have you been finding yourself making more trips to the petrol kiosk than usual (decreased fuel efficiency)? Noticed smoke emerging from your exhaust pipe? Or hearing strange sounds coming from your engine?

If so, it might be time to get your engine overhauled.

While it is a tedious process, owners often tell us they were glad they made the decision. They marvel at how smooth their driving feels and notice their vehicles’ fuel consumptions improve drastically. Some are also surprised to find how quiet driving is compared to what they had gotten used to.


Apart from battery-related issues, electrical faults ranging from lighting, entertainment communication system, GPS or even burning smells may arise when an electrical component has shorted out.

As the present vehicles use highly complex electrical systems, we have brought in the latest diagnostic tools so our technicians will be able to pinpoint the source of your vehicle’s issues and fix them aptly.


Driving a vehicle with a damage chassis puts both yourself and your passengers at risk. If you have been involved in accident and your vehicle’s frame has been undermined, we can help assess its damages and recommend the appropriate repairs.


Grinding, shaking sensations. A noticeable delay when you shift gears. Clunking noises that has never emerged from your vehicle before. A burning smell rising from the bonnet. Or even worse – you have experienced slipping out of gears while driving.

If you have noticed these signs, it is highly likely your vehicle’s gearbox has worn out. Our skilled technicians can help you locate the source of the problem and assess if a simple repair will do or a complete overhaul is necessary.


From paint scratches to dents to any compromised area due to an accident, our veteran technicians will tap on the latest collision repair tools and technology to bring your vehicle back to its best condition.


We use genuine factory parts and OEMs to your preference. Nothing less is tolerated here at Team Auto.

All vehicles repaired by us are entitled to a 100% confidence-warranty that are 6 months and 12 months in length for repair works and paint-related works respectively.