Team AutoPro is awesome

Regret visiting other workshops after realizing how awesome Team Autopro is. I was warmly greeted by Zenn, their workshop manager during the registration process. I expressed frustration about how my front and rear brakes were making weird noises for many months. The workshop mechanic immediately took it for a test drive while Zenn ushered me to have coffee/tea at the guest waiting area. Unlike other workshops who just did generally brake servicing or told me other stuff, the mechanic straightaway pointed out the root issues and its rectification steps. The whole repair took just 2 hours and I have not had any issue since! Will definitely return to do other car maintenance! 😁

Jonathan Samuel

Great Customer Service

Met with accident and my car was badly damaged. However they managed to repair and fulfill my needs. Nonetheless, great customer service, friendly mechanics. Highly recommended!

Shar Ars

Recommend Team AutoPro

I would recommend Team AutoPro to anyone without a doubt! Very professional and reliable. The best customer service! Thanks Charles for your help! 😁

Melson Leong

Great Customer Service

Appreciate the team for rendering such great customer service and being efficient in repairing the damaged caused during the accident. I would say with the professionalism and honest recommendations provided by the team, my husband and i feel assured of how they will be repairing the damages caused. When we had received the car, we were very pleased with the workmanship and no doubt of the quality provided. Definitely will return again to the workshop for car related issues. Thank you!

Jasmine Hailey

Professional Service

I met with an accident & friend referred. They are very professional in handing. Very clear charges, list every single amount is of repair n parts cost. Won’t feel rip off. Very trustable. Deserved a πŸ‘
Daniel Teo was the person that handled my case. Can look for him.

Ah Wu